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Mr. Chung is a teacher who teaches Jefferson Middle School. He appeared in 2008 as Nate Wright's teacher.

Early Life

Little is known about his early life, however, it is possible he was born before the 1970's, as he is around Martin Wright's age. It is known he went to some sort of school, and possibly college or university.

Teaching Career

Mr. Chung went for a job as a teacher, and eventually took the Jefferson Middle School job. He was employed sometime before 2008, as he was introduced as a teacher in 2008. He taught Jefferson Middle School Social Studies for a while, until he was given the job to teach P.S 38 students after the health problems with mold in their school. Sometime in September, Mr. Chung was informed that he would be teaching Social Studies, alongside Clara Godfrey, who would also be teaching Social Studies, in a different class. Some known P.S 38 students who were taught by him, include Chester, Gina and Nate Wright. Eventually some time in October or November, he was given brownies by Gina, by he denied this, saying he was allergic, and gave the idea to share it with the rest of the class, much to the resentment of Gina.

Later Life

In his later life, he went back to teaching in Jefferson Middle School, it is possible he retired after, as we do not hear about him for the rest of the series.


  • Gina Hemphill-Toms brought in brownies for him but he could not eat them because he was allergic.
  • Nate Wright had him instead of Mrs.Godfrey which made him very happy.
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