Miranda is a six-year-old girl in first grade who was once babysat by Ellen Wright. She also enjoys ragging on Nate Wright.

Nate once substituted Miranda's book buddy and on multiple occasions, he found Spitsy stealing Miranda's dolls because he wanted to.
She occasionally works with Peter.

Personality and Traits

Miranda is very aggressive and is never afraid to threaten a sixth-grader, as she watches a lot of martial arts and eats too much sugar. She has brown hair and eyes and is missing her two top front teeth.

Miranda also tends to raise her voice a lot, and she was featured in Nate's movie as an extra, wanting to hit someone.

Behind the Scenes

She makes an appearance in "Big Nate: Welcome To My World", "Big Nate: Thunka Thunka Thunka", "Big Nate: A Good Old Fashioned Wedgie," and in "Big Nate: Blow The Roof Off".


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