• I live in Baby Yoda Fan Club
  • My occupation is Swim Team, Cross Country, Camping, Drawing, Tubing
  • I am Male

Welcome to my message wall! Here’s a list of expectations or suggestions, try to read them before messaging me.

1. If you have any questions about coding, ask Positive Elixir Trade as I am terrible at coding.

2. If you have an issue or something on an article or anything, please try to fix it first, and if you can’t fix it, then you can ask me

3. When I am currently working on something, and you don’t know why I am doing it, it is perfectly fine to ask for clarifications

4. Don’t be or act drunk. I don’t want a drunk person on my message wall.

5. If you are angry at me or someone else, try to resolve it as soon as possible before writing an angry message at me. It will help save my time and keep the wiki family-friendly.

That’s all. I don’t want these expectations to stress you, I just want to make sure we are doing what’s best for you and me.

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