Maya and Chad



Chad Applewhite (current boyfriend)


Marcus Goode

Maya is a sixth-grade girl at P.S. 38. She is in a relationship with Chad Applewhite, who she won a three-legged race with on Field Day. She was also on Artur Pashkov's team, Artur's Army, for the P.S. 38 Centennial Scavenger Huny.


In sixth grade, Maya eventually developed a crush on Chad Applewhite, having no idea that he felt the same way about her. Eventually, Maya began hanging out with Marcus Goode, in an attempt to move on from Chad. As she was a shy and quiet girl, she found his interest in her flattering. Later, Marcus began to make fun of Chad, calling him "Superchunk". Embarrassed that she had been following a jerk around all this time, Maya stood up to Goode and demanded he stop taunting Applewhite. Deciding to stop following him around, she ran away crying, leaving Chad and Nate Wright confused.

She ran a three-legged race with Chad, resulting in victory for the sixth grade.

Maya later participated in the P.S. 38 Centennial Scavenger Hunt, joining Artur's Army.


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