Marge Wright, commonly known to her grandchildren as "Gram", is Nate and Ellen's grandmother and the mother to both Martin Wright and Theodore Wright. Vern Wright is her husband. She first appeared on July 28, 2005.

She is also the only responsible person in the Wright family liking Mrs. Godfrey and respecting people.


Not much is known about Marge Wright's past. She mentioned that she grew up on a dairy farm and owned lots of critters when interviewed and went to a one-room school house that only had one teacher. She is also known for being super well in math, but it was hard back then to find a major in math, so she got married with Vern Wright.

Early Life

Marge Wright was born sometime in the early 1900's, she was raised in a dairy farm, where she admitted she grew a fondness of people and animals, showing the kindness of her character. She eventually went to a one-room school has, that only had one teacher. This was very common, as many schools, such as P.S 38, saying that there was only one teacher. Given this information, it is also very possible that they had a lack of resources in their school as well. Even as a young child, she was very gifted in math, and she even wanted her profession to be about math, but given her role in society and probably a lack of funds, she did not get this role.

High School

Eventually, Marge Wright went to an unknown high school in Ohio, and dated, and went to a dance, this is probably where Marge met Vernon. Eventually, Marge and Vernon got married to each other, and had one child named Martin Wright.


Marty was born sometime in 1974, and Marty is known to have attended a movie with his friends at least more than once, Marty also was not active, as he claimed to be later on; as Vernon and Marge (possibly) said that he stayed inside to play with Legos. Sometime in Marty's Highschool years, he dated Mindy Glickstein, to Marge's knowledge, is unknown. Eventually, Marty did break up with her. Eventually, sometime in Marty's later life, he dated and married Nate's mother, who divorced him, but still gave birth to two children, Nate Wright and Ellen Wright, making Marge a grandfather.

Later Life

In her later life, Marge became a grandmother, as her child, Marty married an unidentified woman, who later divorced him, and left Marty with his two children. As Marge's grandson, Nate Wright stated, he never knew her, and didn't know much about her, as she lived over 2,000 miles away. She was either resentful to Martin, because Nate never met his mother. Marge did go to visit Martin and his children on occasions such as Christmas, often giving away cookies and church bake sales.

Physical Description

Marge has short white hair and a pointed nose with lipstick on her mouth. She had blonde hair when she was younger, as mentioned.


  • She did very well in math.
  • She gets angry at Vern whenever he talks about liking another woman or appearing to.
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