Marge Wright, commonly known to her grandchildren as "Gram", is Nate and Ellen's grandmother and the mother to both Martin Wright and Theodore Wright. Vern Wright is her husband. She first appeared on July 28, 2005.

She is also the only responsible person in the Wright family liking Mrs. Godfrey and respecting people.


Not much is known about Marge Wright's past. She mentioned that she grew up on a dairy farm and owned lots of critters when interviewed and went to a one-room school house that only had one teacher. She is also known for being super well in math, but it was hard back then to find a major in math, so she got married with Vern Wright.

Physical Description

Marge has short white hair and a pointed nose with lipstick on her mouth. She had blonde hair when she was younger, as mentioned.


  • She did very well in math.
  • She gets angry at Vern whenever he talks about liking another woman or appearing to.
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