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"I love cats, I love figure skating, and I love egg salad."
―What Gina told Liza to say to Nate

Liza is a girl who moved into Nate's neighborhood. She made an appearance in Big Nate: Genius Mode.


One day, when Gina Hemphill-Toms was showing Liza around the neighborhood, she saw Nate Wright coming. Liza didn't understand why Gina was nervous. Gina told Liza to say something when Nate comes, Liza was confused, but she did it anyway. Nate had run away as fast as he came. "This is a strange neighborhood," Liza thought.


  • Gina became her friend and showed her around town.
  • Nate had a crush on her before she said that she loves everything that Nate hates.
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