Lila was the pitcher for Nate Wright's baseball team once. Nate likes her.

"And, Ahem, she and I were very close in Preschool."
Nate Wright describing Lila


Lila was first known to Nate in preschool, where she beat up Nate every day during Storytime Lila says. They then went separate ways, Nate to P.S. 38 and Lila to St. Pats. On May 18, 2013, Nate answers the door to them at the time unknown as the replacement pitcher to Chester Budrick, who left due to problems with his parents. Two days later, she revealed her name; Nate recognized her when she mentioned preschool when she beat up Nate every day, for unknown reasons.


Lila may be a very competitive girl, as she always beat up Nate in Pre-K Storytime. So far, she has been shown as friendly and likable towards Nate, and it has been hinted she will be Nate's future girlfriend. Of course, this hint was obviously by Nate Wright himself. Unfortunately, she already had a boyfriend, ironically also named "Nate."

Romance Relationships

Lila goes out with another boy who coincidentally, is also called Nate. Which makes Nate Wright heart broken.

Behind the Scenes

Lila first appeared in the May 18th, 2013. She was first identified two days later. She left Nate's team the day after the game, a select baseball coach was there and picked her up for his team.


  • Lila left the team on her first day.
  • A scout recruited her to pitch for Al's Auto Glass.
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