"That gonna cost some coin pinhead!"
―Josh talking to Francis


Josh is a sixth-grade bully at P.S. 38 who once tried to beat Francis Pope up for not letting him copy off of him on a test. He wanted some coin.

Appearance In The Strip

Josh, who did not know the answers to a test, apparently tried to copy off of Francis Pope for the correct answers. However, Francis did not let him, as he blocked his view with his hand. This angered Josh, as he later tried beating Francis up if Francis did not give him some coins. Nate Wright, however, saw what was happening and intentionally opened his locker to avoid Francis from getting beaten up, which buried Josh in an avalanche of garbage because Nate is messy and Josh got flooded away.


Josh seems to be tall for 6th grade who might have been held back a year because he doesn't seem to be the brightest kid because he tried to copy of Francis.

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