Jeremy is a male sixth-grade student at P.S. 38, and is the boyfriend of Amanda Woodcock.


At the age of eleven, Jeremy began attending P.S. 38 for his middle school education. At some point in the school year, Jeremy met Amanda Woodcock, who was new to the school, and they quickly bonded throughout the school day. It is very likely that Amanda told him that her father was in the military (something she had told fellow student Nate Wright earlier). During lunch, Francis Pope pointed out the new couple, which may be what made Jeremy aware of Nate and his crush on Amanda. Feeling threatened by this, Jeremy quickly requested that Amanda become his locker partner in place of Nate, which Amanda agreed with. Amanda revealed this to Nate shortly afterward, at a rare point that day that she and Jeremy were not together. It is unknown how long Jeremy and Amanda remained locker partners for, and it is also unknown if they broke up. The couple has not been seen since. Nothing is known about the couple.


Not much is known about Jeremy's personality. However, it is implied that he is calm and defensive, an opposite to Nate Wright, which appealed to Amanda. He did not want Amanda to share lockers with Nate, mainly because he knew Nate would try and steal Amanda from him.

Physical Appearance

Jeremy is tall and has short brown hair and a blue shirt. He is quite thin compared to other boys at P.S. 38. It is predicted that other girls are also attracted to Jeremy.


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