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"Beat it."
―Jenny to Nate Wright on December 3, 2007

Jenny Jenkins is a female student at P.S. 38 and the current girlfriend of Artur Pashkov. Nate Wright has had a crush on her ever since first grade. She used to find Nate to be extremely annoying and bothering and despised him but now usually tolerates him. Nate had a problem with Artur's relationship, but he has gotten over his crush on her. Nate also thinks Jenny likes him deep down, but this is not proven in any books. Jenny became friends with Nate eventually because he had gotten over her. Over time though, she says things that hint that she doesn't really want to be friends with him nor like him. Later on, she leaves P.S. 38 and moves away to Seattle, but not forever. Then, in the middle of a baseball game, Nate sees that Jenny has returned. However, from there, though, she has only been a minor character and has not been shown that often in recent books. She was born on September 22, 1979, making her a Virgo. Once, Nate told her that his sign, Scorpio, is compatible with Virgos. She said that was great because Artur is also a Scorpio, which disappointed Nate.


When Jenny was two years old, she kissed Nate on the cheek as a joke. Jenny also did that in preschool. In preschool, Jenny would chase all of the boys around the school, and when she caught them, she kissed them on the cheek. In 2004, Jenny Jenkins met Artur Pashkov, beginning a long and fateful relationship in 2008. In first grade, Nate began a crush on Jenny. Although she used to be very mean to him, she eventually became more civil towards him, while Nate did the same and stopped chasing after her constantly. Jenny also took part in the school dance and, the following week, the Ultimate Snowdown, which was intended to defeat Jefferson Middle School in something after seven years. Jenny moved to Seattle, Washington, and Artur and Jenny break up because they know they will not see each other again. She later came back, causing a fly ball (in baseball terms) to hit Nate in the head when he was off-guard. Jenny also asked Nate out to the spring formal because there wasn't anyone else to ask. Nate isn't as pushy to Jenny anymore.

"It says 'Jenny,' dummy!"
Jenny upon meeting Nate in Pre-K

Personality and Traits

Jenny was the love interest of Nate, who wished that she would dump Artur one day and start dating him instead. However, Nate is over Jenny. She has had a very long relationship with Artur, and they currently still go out. She has also shown to be polite and hard-working. She usually freaks out whenever something bad happens to her (i.e. Nate accidentally trips and splashes egg salad on Jenny's hair, causing her to go insane). She is also short-tempered and very hot-headed, probably because a Virgo likes things exacting. She used to beat up Nate whenever he tries to make his move on her. Because Nate always tried to follow her around, she was constantly trying to avoid or ignore him. She is noticeably nicer to Nate now and finally considers him as a friend.

Physical Appearance

Jenny has medium-length blonde hair with a pink (black) headband that matches her top and sneakers and wearing blue jeans and in the older comics wore a mini skirt. She is usually wearing a black sweater or t-shirt, or tank top.



Artur Pashkov

Jenny has had a long relationship with Artur Pashkov. He is her longest-lasting boyfriend in the strip, and they will probably not break up, as told by Francis Pope to Nate one time.


T.J. was a very brief boyfriend of Jenny's. They only lasted about one or two books, while Artur and Jenny are still featured after over 10 years.

Ronnie Dwyer

Jenny and Ronnie went out in the mid-1990s, and eventually, Jenny dumped Ronnie.

Greg Proximire

Greg was Jenny's boyfriend before Artur Pashkov. Jenny and Greg went out for a reasonably long time, and Jenny did not dump Greg for Artur.

Behind the Scenes

  • She was first mentioned December 01, 1991.
  • Ironically, every time a project that involves pairs occurs, it's in Mrs. Godfrey's class, Jenny always seems to get paired with Artur, much to Nate's dismay.
  • Jenny has also had four more boyfriends. They are Tommy, T.J., Greg Proximire, and Ronnie Dwyer. She has broken up with all of them. Each boyfriend was only with her for a brief amount of time.
  • Jenny is the love interest of Nate, who wishes that she will dump Artur one day and start dating him instead. It was rumored that this would happen in "Big Nate In the Zone," but it has since been proven false.
  • Her zodiac symbol is said to be Virgo by Lincoln Peirce, stating that she is older than Nate.
  • In the older comics, she was a cheerleader. Not in the new comics, though.
  • Jenny gave Nate a rare compliment when he came to school wearing a tie for school picture day (September 1999).
  • She temporarily left the Big Nate comic strip when her family moved to Seattle. She was so emotional about leaving all her friends that she even gave Nate an affectionate hug (February 2, 2013). However, on June 4, 2013, she made a comeback, and Nate was back to pursuing her as usual, while she went back to giving him the cold shoulder.
  • Jenny barely knows Kim Cressly. However, if she did, it would most likely have her happy as when Nate and Angie went out, even though Nate and Kim have not gone out, but Kim was in love with Nate, and Kim always said that she and Nate were madly in love, which made her boyfriend, Chester, extremely jealous.
  • Back in the 1990s, she used to be much more aggressive and unfair to Nate than now. An example of this is that she seldom showed compassion for him. In the 2000s, she was a bit nicer, but she is still furious, although she would always be talking to Nate in the hallways about her troubles in both eras. She still has some kindness, and now in the 2000s, she does not mind him much, and an example was in June 2013, when she was much more mellow. In March 2014, when they had a fact town smackdown, she will never mind when he interrupted. On February 1 and 2 of 2013, she was very nice to Nate. Her relationship with Nate is still not high, but now she likes him as a friend. At a later time, she would be more friendly. She is a close friend to Nate and does not have a crush on her anymore, however still trying to prove that Jenny and Artur are not a good couple.
  • When Nate dated Kelly, he was so smitten that when he next met Jenny, he addressed her as "Kelly" by mistake, causing Jenny to be outraged at being mistaken for someone else (11 August 2001).
  • Jenny kissed Nate in a bottle spin party on January 5, 1994, though other people only thought of it as a peck.
  • In March 2014, Jenny acted as a moderator during a quiz contest between Gina and Francis. Gina had previously insisted on having an impartial moderator who did not hate her; Nate and Teddy had warned her that it would take some time to find one!
  • In June 1998, Jenny was desperate to get somebody to go with her to the spring formal. Anybody she asked was already going with somebody else. When Nate asked her out, Jenny said yes because she was so desperate. Nate was so happy that he was flying in the air. During the spring formal, Nate left Jenny to sit down for two hours to get Angie (his former girlfriend) and her boyfriend, Dan Labrecque back together. They ended up dancing for only 5 minutes.
  • Jenny worked with Nate on a math project where they had to be a married couple on a budget. Nate wanted to be more than pretending, so Jenny tried to switch him away. Nate ended up spending all of their money on a bag of Cheez Doodles.
  • Nate said he would never give up on her.
  • Jenny has a dog named Bruno.
  • Jenny's Zodiac sign is a Virgo.
  • When Jenny left for Seattle, she gave Nate an oil change company phone number, which she told Nate was her phone number.