Jefferson Middle School Students

Jefferson Middle School is the sister institution and the biggest rival of P.S. 38, Nate Wright's school. Most of their students are very boastful, and they beat P.S. 38 at almost all competitions. Their mascot is the Cavalier. One reason rivalry between the school is big is because the school is so close to P.S. 38, that they are practically in the very same neighborhood.



The school's interior is very fancy, with murals and a skylight in the lobby, as well as a statue of a cavalier, the school's mascot, on a large pedestal in the center. Glass cases with trophies and awards line the walls. There is also "rec room" for students to use during free periods, with a ping pong table and a vending machine. In the cafeteria, which the school call a food court, there is a soft serve ice cream machine. In the auditorium, the seats recline and all the water fountains have motion-sensors.


The school has been mentioned to have both a soccer field and a hockey field. There is also a parking lot designated for school faculty.

School Colors

The colours of Jefferson Middle School are purple and gold, with their school jackets being overall purple with golden sleeves, buttons, and a golden "J".





  • Although Nate, Francis and Teddy hate Jefferson students, they love the food served at Jefferson, which is way better than the P.S. 38 cafeteria food.
  • The mascot of Jefferson is the Cavalier.
  • They have been beaten three times, the first being before the series began in the first Mud Bowl, the second being in Big Nate Goes For Broke in a snow contest, and the third being in Big Nate Blasts Off in the 38th Mud Bowl.


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