Gordie in a strip from 1999.

Gordie is a minor character in the Big Nate series.Gordie was born on January 21, 1994. Gordie is mainly known as Ellen's ex-boyfriend and a fan of Femme Fatality, much like Nate. He is an employee of the Klassic Komix comics shop at the mall. He does not care much about Ellen since he is more interested in comics and Femme Fatality.


Gordie can sometimes be a nerd like Francis. He has a putrid taste in girlfriends.


Gordie's appearences are very small, so it is not that commom to see him in Big Nate.

Gordie's boss Wayne looks like "a caveman".

You can see Gordie's work place in Big Nate Island in Popotropica.

Gordie works at Klassic Komix after school.

He is much described as a nerd. He bears a similar resembelence to Francis.

Gordie plays a minor role in Big Nate on a Roll.

Nate says other than Gordie's putrid taste in girlfriends, Gordie is cool.

Gordie is also said to be a comic expert.

Gordie can also draw with both hands at the same time.

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