Gordie in a strip from 1999.

Gordon Spyro (known as Gordie (born January 21) is an employee of Klassic Komix, a shop at the mall. He is mostly known as Ellen Wright's boyfriend, an employee at Klassic Komix, and a fan of Femme Fatality, like Nate Wright.

He hasn't been around Ellen as much as he used to anymore.



When he was younger, his parents gave him the nickname of "Popeye." Following the end of his childhood, Gordon worked at Klassic Komix after school. Nate came to Klassic Komix on January 2, 2017, with a comic book to purchase, claiming it was a New Year's Resolution and he had felt self-centered in the past.


Physical description

Gordie has a square head and a crooked nose. According to Nate, he has no spine (It's a figure of speech).

His facial structure has changed over the years like Mr. Staples'.


Gordie can sometimes be a nerd like Francis. He enjoys comics alongside being an expert on them. He does not pay attention to Ellen and has a putrid taste in girlfriends, according to Nate. He gets along well with Nate most of the time; however, Nate cannot believe that Gordie would actually date his sister. He is also ambidextrous, as he can draw amazing artworks with both hands at the same time as Nate says.

As far as personality traits are concerned, he greatly resembles Francis Pope but he doesn't correct incorrect grammar.


  • Gordie is a minor character. His appearances are very small, so it is not that common to see him in Big Nate although he was seen in March of 2014.
  • Gordie's boss, Wayne, looks like a caveman, to Nate and most people cannot understand him because he mumbles to speak.
  • Gordie plays a minor role in Big Nate: on a Roll!.
  • Gordie has gone through Comic Evolution and no longer looks like what he did in the earlier Big Nate strips.
  • Although Ellen is his girlfriend, their personalities contrast sharply. Gordie is friendly toward Nate (and everyone in general), whereas Ellen has no tolerance for anyone outside her inner circle and doesn't really enjoy comic books as much as Gordie.
  • He resembles Mr. Staples as well.
  • He catches Nate trolling for cleavage at his shop.
  • Gordie like Nate also loves the comic character Femme Fatality


It is usual that in Big Nate, Gordie is a minor character, but in the Poptropica Big Nate Island, he plays an important role by giving you a piece of the comic. You can also see his workplace on Big Nate Island in Poptropica.


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