Glenn Swenson is a student seen in Big Nate: Goes For Broke. According to Nate Wright, he usually has crumbs on him as much to feed a family of four, though it is likely he was exaggerating. He had a peanut butter glob on his forehead that Nate found hilarious and drew a cartoon about it. Nate attempted to show Teddy it but Mrs. Godfrey saw him and gave him detention.

When Nate was in detention, the monitor, Mrs. Czerwicki said to Nate that he needed a place where drawing cartoons is what he's supposed to do. Because of this, Mrs. Czerwicki was the reason Nate started the P.S. 38 Cartooning Club.

According to Nate, if you mess around Glenn or make fun of him, he'll push you against the fence.


Glenn Swenson had a glob of peanut butter on his forehead that Nate found hilarious, especially because Glenn did not notice it himself. Nate drew a cartoon about it where an interviewer questions the peanut butter glob. Nate attempted to show the comic to Teddy but Mrs. Godfrey saw him and gave him detention when he refused to show it to the class. Ultimately, Glenn was the reason Nate had created the P.S. 38 Cartooning Club.

Physical Appearance

Glenn was tall and thin. He had straight hair done into three bangs that is likely blonde (this is never verified as he is never seen in color). His face usually looked solemn. During his appearance in the book, he is seen in a long-sleeve shirt with a large horizontal stripe and blue jeans.