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"Oh, brother. Doesn't Gina ever get sick of patting herself on the back all the time?"
―Nate Wright after Gina boasts her intelligence to him[src]

Gina Hemphill-Toms is one of Nate's classmates and one of all time rivals. Gina is P.S. 38's know it and over-achiever and sometimes finds herself in academic competition with Nate's fellow over-achiever Francis. Nate and Gina despise each other with a fierce passion, viewing each others' personalities and work ethics as utter nonsense. Again, Nate is oblivious to the similarity between the both of them. Nate listed Gina as number one on his list of worst potential project partners in Big Nate: Strikes Again.


Nate Wright's poem

"Hey, Jenny! Looks like Nate's writing you a love poem!"
―One of Gina's only lines in the first novel[src]

Gina loves getting Nate in trouble. In Big Nate: In a Class By Himself, when she sees Nate writing a love poem to Jenny, she immediately snitches on him, causing Nate to destroy the poem in anger. When asked about the affair by Mrs. Clarke, he screams, "THAT GINA SHOULD KEEP HER BIG, FAT MOUTH SHUT!!!" leading to detention. Ironically, Gina indirectly and unintentionally leads Nate to achieve his fortune, which was surpassing all others (getting detentions from all his teachers plus the principal in one day, the most ever at P.S. 38).

The Benjamin Franklin Project

"Listen up, Einstein. When you're working with me...GRADES AND LIFE ARE THE SAME THING!!!"
―Gina screaming at Nate while choking him after they became project partners.[src]

In Big Nate Strikes Again, Gina has a huge role. She is first seen humiliating Nate in front of the whole school when he openly mistakes her baby picture for Jenny's (Nate's crush). Shortly afterward, Gina and Nate are forced to work on a school project together. While Gina begins typing several works for the essay, she also joins the fleeceball team under Coach Calhoun and Nate's team captain. She ruins the baseball team by using the name Kuddle Kittens, angering Nate, who attempts to pour egg salad on her!

Later, it is revealed that she could receive an "F" for copying visual aids from sources other than herself, but Nate saves her (and himself) by presenting his comics of the essay's subject, Benjamin Franklin. She also plays with the Kuddle Kittens in the final round. She is last seen getting her first detention for screaming in the library about Nate's comics that she believes is fake.

Gina 2.png

Math Olympiad

Gina is first seen talking to Mrs. Godfrey and showing her the book she's reading. Gina is not seen again for a while, though her next appearance in the book involves her ranking the highest in the entire school in mathematics. She ends up leaving for two days, which she reveals to Nate. Later, Gina ruins Nate's plans of getting her and Artur Pashkov together so Nate can have Jenny for himself. Nate's plan backfires, and Artur misunderstood his intent, so he tells everyone Nate has a massive crush on Gina. When Nate finds out about the rumour, Gina tells Nate that she hates his guts, and Nate punks her by telling her he does not hate her guts, and it is her face that disgusts him.

Beach Party Dance

Gina did not make an appearance in "Big Nate Goes For Broke"; however, The audience saw her in Nate's flashback in one of Nate's comics, and she also made a cameo at the P.S. 38 Beach Party Dance dancing next to Teddy Ortiz.

The Chronicle

Gina was the captain of the former champion trivia team, Gina's Geniuses and co-editor of The Chronicle, the P.S.38 yearbook. She was forced to work with Francis Pope as the yearbook captain.

The Fitness Zone

"The whole point of Field Day is fitness, dork face! I'm not trying to win!"

In Big Nate In the Zone, when she overhears Nate and Mrs. Godfrey arguing over a "War of 1812" paper, Gina insults him for it when he sits down, calling him a half-wit. Nate angrily responds, telling her to "stuff a sock in it, needle nose," though Gina is not initially offended because Nate used that same insult the day before. Gina is the captain of the sixth graders on the Fitness Zone. Not intending to win, she has deliberately orchestrated her team's failure. This backfires, however, when Nate sets Chad up to race with Maya.

Scavenger Hunt

"By the way, I've never lost a scavenger hunt in my LIFE!"
―Gina bragging to Nate

Gina is once again the captain of Gina's Geniuses in the P.S. 38 Centennial Scavenger Hunt. She barely skewed ahead of Nate's team for the entire time, but Nate's team caught up and won the competition by finding a mural.

Comic portrayal

Nate has portrayed Gina in his Ultra-Nate: Super Sixth Grader! as a sentient dinosaur named Flunky. She was the sidekick of Mrs. Godzilla (Godfrey). Flunky tries to steal a device to transfer Ultra-Nate's powers to Mrs. Godzilla, but their scheme comes to naught.


Nate Wright

Nate Wright and Gina Hemphill-Toms are complete opposites to each other. From the start, Gina was Nate's archenemy. For separate reasons, both were extremely annoyed with the other. Nate was annoyed by Gina's geekiness, obnoxious personality, perfectionism, and arrogance. Gina, in turn, was annoyed by Nate's arrogance, as well as his tendency to avoid schoolwork, being messy, and hatred for Mrs. Godfrey.

They were seen screaming in terror when they were forced to work on a team project. Nate was even more annoyed after Gina joined his sports team, and became very angry at her for thinking she could take leadership of the team, thus naming the team the "Kuddle Kittens", to the extent of seeking revenge (this backfired, however, when Nate's egg salad rebounded onto Jenny Jenkins, his love interest, instead).

Soon after, Gina made it very clear that she hated Nate's guts, and Nate told her it was her appearance, not attitude, that disgusted him. However, this was likely a ploy to drop the subject (this is especially hinted by Nate's reaction afterward).

He also competed against Gina during the Trivia Slam and came out ahead. Many people suspect that Nate and Gina strive to see the bad in each other but secretly love each other deep down. Even Francis Pope and Teddy Ortiz have come to suspect this, which both Nate and Gina find outrageous.

Randy Betancourt

Gina picked Randy on her team as a replacement to Nick Blonsky for the Trivia Slam. Gina might have only picked Randy to get under Nate's skin. Randy is also very athletic in Big Nate: Blasts Off when he threw the frisbee the entire field.


  • In Big Nate: On A Roll, she made it into the Math Olympiad along with Artur and Francis.
  • In Big Nate: On A Roll, Gina says that her math grade is the highest in the school.
  • She is the least likely person to get detention, even though she received detention before in Big Nate. She once got 5 detentions from Mrs. Godfrey because she forced Nate to be kind to her, and it backfired. Another time she got a detention from the librarian for being too loud.
  • She is known to be the worst player in Nate's fleece ball team. She is likely to be bad in other sports as well except chess (chess is a sport, as shown in Big Nate: Flips Out).