Gina is one of Nate's schoolmates and rivals. Gina is P.S. 38's know-it-all and over-achiever, and often finds herself in academic competition with fellow overachiever Francis. Nate and Gina tend to despise each other with a passion, viewing each others' personalities and work ethics as terrible. Of course, Nate is again oblivious to the similarity. Nate listed her as number 1 on his list of worst potential project partners. She first appeared in 1999, but looks different than Gina now.

Personality Gina is a "know-it-all" student in the P.S. 38. As thought by Nate, she is terrible, although Gina and Nate views each other's work as terrible.


In Big Nate Strikes Again , she ruins the fleeceball team by using the name Kuddle Kittens, angering Nate.

In Big Nate On A Roll , Gina ruins Nate's plans of getting her and Artur together so he can have Jenny for himself. Nate's plan backfires and Artur misunderstood his plan so he tells everyone Nate has a huge crush on Gina. Gina tells Nate that she hates his guts and Nate punks her by telling her he doesn't hate her guts, it's her face that disgusts him.

In Big Nate Goes For Broke, she is mentioned in the worst cartoonists comic.


In recent strips, it has been hinted that Nate actually likes Gina deep down, but denies his feelings for her because he believes that he hates everything about her.

Ironically, Nate's behavior toward Gina of despising her but hiding feelings for her is identical to what he thinks is his relationship with Jenny, in that he believes Jenny acts like she hates him but really likes him deep down.

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