Gina's Geniuses is the name of Gina's team in the Trivia Slam and in the P.S. 38 Scavenger Hunt. Their main opponent was Nate's team.

Trivia Slam

In the days preceding the Trivia Slam, Nick Blonsky was suspended for a week for stealing a camera in order to initiate a fight between Nate Wright and Francis Pope, much to Nick's own pleasure. Gina's Geniuses recruited Randy Betancourt instead, due to his knowledge about sports and movie trivia, and they competed in the Trivia Slam. They ultimately lost when Randy did not know how many pawns are supposed to be on a chessboard when the game begins due to him being more of a contact sport guy or a “Tic-Tac-Toe kind of Guy” according to Nate Wright.


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