Mrs. Shipulski in a color comic strip

Mrs. Shipulski in a color comic strip

Mrs. Geraldine Shipulski is the secretary of P.S. 38, and according to Nate Wright, the "blushing-rose" of the principal's office. Nate feels very much affectionate toward her because he considers her as a friend.

She keeps a jar of Jelly beans on her desk, but during the course of the Fitness Zone she replaced them with Wasabi Peas.

Mrs. Shipulski is constantly interviewed by Nate for the Weekly Bugle, and according to her, Nate gets everything wrong. He likes to misquote her and release wrong information to her.

Shipulski loves going on Twitter and has 22 million followers, placing her on a par with Snoop Dogg, who wants to get to know her. Sometimes this distracts her from her work, making Wesley Nichols furious. She has more followers than Pit-Bull. The rapper.


  • Once, Nate complained about the drawing she keeps on her wall. Mrs. Shipulski got mad, as it was a crayon drawing from her 3-year old grandson.
  • She is usually overworked, while her boss, Mr. Nichols, spends his time eating snacks in his office.
  • When a kid vomits, she is usually the person that has to clean it.
  • Shipulski has a body mass index of 18.6.
  • Her birthday is on June 5th.
  • She is 62 years old.
  • She once backed out her car into her garage, and Nate wouldn't stop nagging about it.
  • Nate once gave her Junior Mints on Secretary's day. She told him that he was the best class president the school has ever had because of that.
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