Like Nate Wright, Francis Pope also has lots of relationships between people.


Mrs. Pope

Francis' mom gave birth to Francis, and is his biological mother. She isn't really mentioned, but she has given clues that she is slender.

Mr. Pope

Francis' dad has never been seen, but he is the biological father of Francis. He makes his son garden with him often, which Francis doesn't seem to enjoy.


Shiela Stapleton

Sheila Stapleton is the girlfriend of Francis. They have been known as the longest running couple in P.S. 38, and really seem to like each other. Sheila is under the role of Ashamaria Prasad, now in the role of Dee Dee Holloway in Big Nate: Revolutionary. Francis is re-enacted by student actor Clive Clegg.

Sheila and Francis are really affectionate to each other. On Valentine's Day, Francis usually gives Sheila her favorite chocolates, and Sheila gives Francis a love letter. It is also known that Francis and Sheila have established pet-names for each other.
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