Field Day was an athletic competition held at P.S. 38 in Big Nate: In The Zone, which was sixth grade against seventh grade.


Because of P.S. 38's "Fitness Zone", a program to help keep students healthy, Principal Nichols planned a Field Day competition among the sixth and seventh graders. Different captains were chosen, who then chose their team members. Nate Wright ended up on Gina Hemphill-Toms's sixth-grade team. She made bad choices for the team, such as assigning a short student for a high jump, and a slow student in a footrace. The games included a shot put, long jump, high jump, hurtles, Jazzercise, races, and a 3-legged race. The sixth graders didn't win any of them except for the three-legged race, and that was because Nate found a way to override Gina's tyranny. They then sang a song about winning at an assembley.


Sixth Graders

Seventh Graders

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