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Femme Fatality is a comic book series by Brad Linsky that Nate is addicted to. Some of the characters in the comic series include Femme, the protagonist, and Doctor Jackal, the antagonist. The plot of the comics have never been revealed, but it can be assumed that it is very action-oriented.

Nate Wright loves the comic series, and describes it as "the best comic in the universe". He usually buys an issue for five dollars at his local comic shop, Klassic Komix. He also introduced the comic to his first grade "book buddy" at P.S. 38, Peter. Nate said that "Femme is a role model" to Mrs. Bigbee . Nate's father doesn't approve of it though, as he thinks it's violent and suggestive. Though he thinks it's provocative at times, he is seen begging to read it or even stealing it wherever Nate left it. Both Nate and his father have a crush on Femme Fatality. She has very "Thin" clothes.



  • Nate Wright and his father both have a crush on Femme, the main character.
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