The Fact Town Smackdown was an unofficial contest, played by two students of P.S. 38, Gina and Francis. It is similar to the Trivia Slam and appeared starting on the comic March 12, 2014.


Francis Pope and Gina Hemphill-Toms once competed against each other, and Jenny Jenkins was the moderator. Players are each given twenty questions that they are asked in alternating order. Whoever answers the most amount of their questions right wins the game. Francis' last question was, "If it is 10:00 am in Columbia, what time is it in Sri Lanka?" The correct answer was 8:30 pm, but Francis missed by half an hour, saying 8:00 pm. Gina smirked as she was asked her last question, "What is the origin of the word "cliff-hanger." Gina started saying the meaning of the word, but Jenny interrupted her, saying that she asked for the origin of the word, not it's definition. Gina's smirk slipped like soup through a fork as she stuttered, trying to think of the answer, but couldn't do it.

Peter Mason, at that point, had appeared in the crowd for some reason and knowing the answer, and he grew very disapproving of Gina's "cluelessness." He grew so impatient, he decided to say to answer in front of everyone, saying that the word was inspired by "Serial Films" in the early days of movies. The end of the movies had a heroine literally hanging off a cliff, then the word "cliff-hanger" became part of the language.

Gina was stunned at Peter's knowledge and tried to falsely claim that she was just about to say the right answer when Peter "interuppted" her. Jenny then gave Gina a second chance by asking a follow-up, "What is the earliest documented case of the word 'cliff-hanger' appearing in print?" When Peter answered the question before Gina could, saying that the answer is "The 1936 Edwardsville Intelligencer March", Nate wrapped up the smackdown in delight.

By the lockers, Nate gloated about the smackdown and about how Gina crashed and burned. Gina furiously reminded Nate that the contest ended in a tie, but Nate pointed out the most humiliating fact to smarty pants Gina; she lost to a first-grader.

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