"A custodian knows everything, a custodian knows nothing."
―Emmitt's thoughts after Nate and Teddy walked out of school laughing.

Emmitt is a minor character. He is the custodian of P.S. 38.


  • Emmitt was once cleaning when Nate Wright and Teddy Ortiz walked into school the day before school started. Nate told Emmitt he needed to check something in Mrs Godfrey's room. Nate came running out saying "It's still there!" Teddy and Nate then started laughing, although it is unknown what was inside the room that they were laughing about.
  • Emmitt has sent Nate to detention before.
  • Nate is usually angry with Emmitt painting over his self-potraits in the school bathrooms.
  • Emmitt has a better salary then Mr. Rosa.
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