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Ellen Wright is Nate Wright's 15 year old sister. Nate and Ellen are complete opposites and they hate each other, mostly because of their differences in the academic field and personality traits (to the point where Nate made up a list about the 5 Most annoying things about Ellen.

Ellen has a part-time job at Dilly Burger. She also goes to Hoover High. In the said book, she does help him out, though unintentionally. Nate also helps her out by keeping lovestruck Francis Pope away from her starting in August 1991.


Early life

According to her baby pictures found in the attic, Ellen was a cute baby. Even Nate thinks she was a good-looking baby. She took an IQ test when she was very little and Nate had a higher IQ than her own, which is ironic since they are nearly 4 years apart.

Education at P.S. 38

Ellen began attending P.S. 38 at 11 years old (and when Nate was about 7 years old), where she was adored by several teachers and essentially became a model student. She was also the teacher's pet of Social Studies teacher, Clara Godfrey, Nates current Social Studies teacher.

Teenage years

As a 15 year-old, she has a job at Dilly Burger as a cashier. She was once in a relationship with Gordie. Before they broke up, she tried to learn about comics for Gordie and Nate tried to teach her, with no success, though with a lot of exhaustion (Nate was first seen teaching her about comics in the May 12, 1997 strip). Gordie and Ellen later reconnected and are currently a couple as of July 2020. [1] Every few months, she decides that she doesn't like her laugh, so she tries to change it, as seen in Big Nate: In A Class By Himself and one certain Sunday strip in "Big Nate: I Can't Take It!".

Personality and Traits

Ellen can be known as self-absorbed, and obnoxious, though only Nate seems to think she is obnoxious. She is surprisingly mature and obedient for her age, although she is annoying to Nate. This, however, is not always the case. In the later years of the strip, the two seemingly get along fine with each other and are hardly seen arguing with each other. She is also a good student, admired by several teachers at P.S. 38. Apparently she really enjoys karaoke. Still, she dislikes anyone outside her comfort zone. She is very attractive as a few different guys throughout the comics have had a crush on her. She is also confident in her body and likes to wear appealing clothes.



Ellen has a variety of perfumes (Nate and Francis once snuck into her room in the 01/14/1992 storyline!). They make her smell "like a gift shop filled with scented candles", according to Nate. One example of perfume she uses is "Dead Skunk", though Nate was probably making up the name because the perfume apparently really stunk. He says that all her hair-care products are single-handedly destroying the ozone layer. Francis Pope also mentions this. She also owns a karaoke machine from when she was 13 years old and loves to sing, though it is currently unknown if she still owns the karaoke machine. She also owns a lot of different clothes.


  • She keeps asking Dad to buy her a cat every time the Christmas season rolls around, although Dad keeps on refusing, the same concept as Nate asking him to buy him a dog.
    Ellen Wright.jpg
  • She likes to watch figure skating and has invited Spitsy to watch with her several times during the Christmas season.
  • During the early years of the strip, Ellen used to team up with Nate to prank their father but this is hardly seen anymore.
  • In one comic, Nate mentioned she was a vegetarian. However, the statement has been proven false at times, as she worked at Dilly Burger and has been sometimes seen eating meat in the comics.
  • No one else finds her obnoxious as Nate does, as he is annoyed at the fact they all think she's so wonderful.
  • She, like many other comic strip characters, went through comic evolution and looks noticeably different from her original appearance.
  • Rather than the wise, studious person she is today, she originally was shown to be rather unintelligent and fairly rebellious; she has begun to become more and more like her current character and had changed by the mid-2000s.
  • She broke up with Gordie in the comic of January 30, 2001, but later reconciled with him for an unknown reason.
  • She made Nate practice with her for the High School play.
  • Despite her strive for cleanliness, her initials are ironically "E.W, as said by Nate Wright, her younger brother.
  • She has a crush on Justin Timberlake.
  • In the early comics, Francis Pope had a crush on her.
  • As the years went by, Ellen's appearances have become noticeably rare. This was clearly noticeable in 2019, as she only made one appearance that year on January 20. She recently made her first appearance of 2020 (July 27), after a being absent from the strip for a year-and-a-half. The reason why she was absent, is still unknown.