Nate Wright

Ellen has a younger brother named Nate. Nate considers her to be very annoying and frankly, a total waste of oxygen (but not as annoying as Gina Hemphill-Toms). He fears it will be even worse when Ellen is an older teenager. Once, however, she does prove useful during a quest of Nate's to sell more wall hangings than Artur Pashkov.

Francis Pope

Francis Pope once had a crush on Ellen. However, this ended when he saw how Ellen looked when she wakes up in the morning.

Mrs. Godfrey

Mrs. Godfrey claimed Ellen to be one of her best students, of any school year. Nate becomes extremely angry when Mrs. Godfrey mentions this, because somehow, Nate gets mentioned in the mix the Mrs. Godfrey ends up comparing the two siblings.


Despite being a cat-person, Ellen is very friendly with Spitsy. She even watches figure skating with Spitsy on occasion.

Gordon Spyro

Gordie is her current boyfriend. However, Nate says that he is too good for her.

Martin Wright

Ellen is very loving to her father, and they are close.

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