Donna is a female-babysitter. She has never been seen before, and very limited information is available.


At an unknown point, Donna became a babysitter as a job. When Martin Wright, Nate's father, was thirty-six years old, he paid Donna to babysit his children, Nate and Ellen Wright. In the mix, she won a major role of Wendy in a play for "Peter Pan". In her first scene, Nate inquired why the actress for Mrs. Darling called Donna "Wendy", only for Marty to shush him.

Physical appearance

Donna is tall and slender. Her hair is dark and done up in a bob.

Personality and traits

Donna is hardworking, pretty, and skilled at acting; otherwise she would not be a babysitter and have such a major role as Wendy in the play Peter Pan.

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