Dilly Burger is a fast food chain selling burgers and shakes. Ellen Wright works there as a cashier. Dilly Burger isn't mentioned as much in the newer comics but was mentioned a TON in the old comics.

Known Workers


  • Despite Ellen's job, she isn't any more civil to her younger brother,Nate Wright, when they are at Dilly Burger than when they are at their house. This is because of her loathing it whenever Nate visits.
  • At one point, when Ellen was counting her tips after her shift, Nate used a "magic trick" to steal all her money she earned.
  • When Nate went with Angie to eat at Dilly Burger, Ellen gave them a free milkshake for couples.
  • It has two restrooms and a staff room.
  • Nate sometimes goes there just to annoy Ellen. He doesn’t do that anymore.

Best customer

  • Nate Wright
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