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"This is so, DRAMATIC!"
―Dee Dee

Dee Dee Dorcas Holloway is a major character in the Big Nate series, especially in the novels. She is most recognizable in the school for being a member (and president) of the Drama Club. Her interest in drama extends to her overreacting to small situations, as noted by Nate Wright. Sometimes, Dee Dee is very helpful to Nate and his friends. One example in which she helps Nate is when she provided the evidence of Nick Blonsky stealing Nate's camera. Her father is a construction worker and according to Nate, he looks beefy.

Early life

Dee Dee played the role of a nurse in the second-grade production of "Bunny Gets a Boo-Boo". She also had the main role in the production of Alice and Wonderland but got stage fright and forgot all of her lines.

Exposure of Nick Blonsky

Dee Dee is mainly seen helping Nate to figure out who stole his camera (who they suspect is Randy Betancourt). She is also seen along with Teddy bringing Nate to Uncle Pedro so he can hypnotize Nate into being neater and more organized. Shortly afterward, she, along with Nate, Francis, Teddy, and Chad, are competing against Gina's team in the Trivia Slam.

Field Day

At the time that the Fitness Zone was initiated, Dee Dee is shown as one of the members of Nate's main friend group, along with Francis, Teddy, and Chad. She is the one who suggests that Chad asks out Maya. When she points out that Chad and Maya would make a good "team", Nate decides to convince Artur to fake a hurt ankle so that Maya and Chad could do the three-legged race together.


Nate Wright

Although Nate is constantly annoyed by Dee Dee's tendency to act like a drama queen, they are still very close friends. Dee Dee also helped Nate out in the Ultimate Snowdown, and again when he lost the P.S. 38 camera. After these events, Dee Dee ended up in Nate's posse of best friends. Although their relationship was to remain entirely platonic, several fans believe that they would make a good couple.

Behind the Scenes

Her middle name is Dorcas, pronounced "Dorkus", making it a reason for her friends to tease her every now and then, although the only situation in which this happened was in Big Nate Flips Out. which she said means, "Gazelle".

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