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"This is so, DRAMATIC!"
―Dee Dee

Dee Dee Dorcas Holloway is a major character in the Big Nate series, especially in the novels. She is most recognizable in the school for being a member (and president) of the Drama Club. Her interest in drama extends to her overreacting to small situations, as noted by Nate Wright. Her father is a construction worker and according to Nate, he looks beefy. In a nutshell, she is a drama queen (which Nate explains about the life and death of Dee Dee). She loves being complimented about how good of an actor she is.


Dee Dee is commonly noted for acting like a "drama queen," taking things very seriously and overreacting to even the slightest flashback. Examples of this include performing her report on Calvin Coolidge as an interpretive dance, believing ketchup on her elbow is blood, crying over her being the only one whose bean plant had died, and somehow doing a pirouette without touching the ground during the Long Jump (seen in Big Nate: In the Zone). She is also highly intelligent and caring, providing aid for her friends in sticky situations. She is later revealed to be a good artist. However, in the 2019 comics, Dee Dee is seen to have a bit of a personality change. She no longer appears to be all caught up in the drama, but more calm and such.

Dee Dee's favorite words to say are "Dramatic" and "Fabulous!".


Dee Dee wears earrings and a green sweater.



Dee Dee's current boyfriend is Jim, but he has not been seen or even mentioned since they got together.

Nate Wright

Although Nate is constantly annoyed by Dee Dee's tendency to act like a drama queen, they are still very close friends. Although their relationship was to remain entirely platonic, several fans believe that they would make a good couple.