Dee Dee Holloway (born August 3, 1999) is a minor character in the Big Nate series. She first appeared in Big Nate Strikes Again and is most recognizable for being a member of the Drama Club. She thinks that everything is an emergency, as said in Big Nate Goes for Broke.

First Major Appearence

Although Dee Dee has been mentioned in Big Nate Strikes Again, in Big Nate Goes for Broke Dee Dee plays a major character in the story. In the beginning, Nate, Francis, and Teddy need to get more girls in the P.S 38 Cartooning Club, so Nate asks Dee Dee at Lunch, and Dee Dee mistakens that Nate is asking her out for the Beach Party Dance, so she runs back and tells her friends that Nate asked her out for the dance. Nate felt like he could not stay home (and thought the Parent Control would call Nate and complain), so Nate was forced to go. At the dance Randy takes Nates clothes, but Dee Dee gives Nate Dee Dee's spare clothes, which is a grass skirt. Then Nate finally asks Dee Dee if she would like to join the Doodlers (The Cartooning Club), and Dee Dee says "I'm in". Soon the sprinkler system malfunctioned and water rained inside, and Dee Dee lost her boots, so Nate had to carry her (it was snowing). Then P.S. 38 was closed for a little bit, and all attending P.S. 38 students will go to Jefferson Middle School. At JMS (Jefferson Middle School), Nate breaks his arm, and has to wear a cast. Days before the basketball game starts (JMS vs P.S. 38), Dee Dee says that JMS must have an Achillies' Heel (which means their weak spot). After the game, JMS beats P.S. 38 (129 to 43). After Nate, Dee Dee, and his friends decide to make an unofficial competition on snow sculpturing. At the competition, JMS cheats and puts snow over their Jefferson cavalier, and P.S. 38 does a real sculpture of Achilles. Soon P.S. 38 wins.

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