Cressley's Bakery is a bakery run by Kim Cressly's family. The bakery once sponsored P.S. 38's baseball team. Chad told everyone on the team that the bakery had top-notch food except their sticky buns, in which he described them as "a little doughy".

Little League Baseball Sponsor

Coach told everyone that Cressley's Bakery would give everyone freshly baked treats and everyone cheered except Chad, who sniffed a tear (gladly) and said, "This is the happiest day of my life."


Unfortunately for Nate, when Cressley's Bakery took over Nate's baseball team, the team name somehow turned into the "Cupcakes". Nate was dismayed because the name made his team members look like absolute wimps.

The Cupcakes were ridiculed for their wimpy name, but they won the season as champions.

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