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January 17, 1991


Continuing "A Typical Day", Nate Wright told the readers that every morning, he and Francis Pope walk to the bus stop. Nate described him as a weenie and told the readers that he and Francis always have the same classes together at school. Francis, reviewing his story, sarcastically thanks Nate for letting him read it.


  • This is the first time Francis Pope appeared in the comic strips.
  • It is noted that Francis has a notable gap between his two top front teeth.
  • Francis is also the second person to be seen commenting on Nate Wright's comics, the first being Ellen Wright.
  • This is the 10th Big Nate strip that was published.


  • Nate saying "what are friends for?" after Francis' sarcasm in his review

Running Gags

  • Nate's cluelessness
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