Coach Kevin was Nate's tee-ball, baseball and basketball coach back when he was little. He was married at least four times.


Coach Kevin started coaching youth soccer for Little Kickers at an unknown time. He taught Nate as a kindergartner, who was the only one to receive a red card.

According to Francis, Kevin's fourth wife told Mrs. Pope, (Francis' mom), that he was in prison for tax forgery. Nate was outraged at this because that meant that his only trophy from playing sports was a forgery as well.

Later, when Nate was in sixth-grade, he met with Coach Kevin again, who still remembered him.


Coach Kevin appears to be a kind, cheerful, and dedicated man. He wears blue shoes, green shorts with a belt, a light blue shirt, glasses, and a blue cap.


  • August 26, 2018
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