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Clara Godfrey, maiden name "Clara Lessard", is a sixth and eight grade Social Studies teacher at P.S. 38. Her favorite students are Ellen Wright (a past student and Nate's sister), Gina Hemphill-Toms and Francis Pope, while her least favorite student is Nate Wright, who makes nicknames for her like "Godzilla", "Fat City", "She-Who-Must- Not-be-Named", Venus De Silo, etc. In the series, she is aged 46. (76 in 2021)


Early life

Not much is known about Mrs. Godfrey's childhood. According to her high school report card,she was a straight-A student, as well as a member of her high school's cross country team. She also was like Gina, she never got in trouble.


She started teaching and was known as Clara Lessard before she got married. She has a cat named Ollie, and dogs Bootsy and Genghis. She once had a case of insomnia, which was fixed by a hypnotist, Pedro Ortiz (Teddy Ortiz's Uncle). When she had her first baby, Katrina Godfrey, she went on maternity leave for three months. She later had another child, Meghan Godfrey, although she didn't go on maternity leave. She had also once gone on sabbatical, a work vacation, leaving Mr. Gaffney to substitute for five months. Once, when Principal Nichols was absent for a week, she was the substitute principal for a few weeks.

Mrs. Godfrey during her birthday

Physical Appearance

Mrs. Godfrey is 46 years old. She is tall, has short and dark hair and a semi-oval head. She always wears a purple skirt and a black sweater but wore a loose dress during her pregnancy. She was described as "atomic" by Nate on a photo of her before her marriage to Mr. Godfrey as she looked foxy. At first, Nate didn't realize Ms. Lessard was Mrs. Godfrey before she got married, so he was disgusted when he found out.

Mrs. Godfrey during the summer


Mrs. Godfrey is a strict, no-nonsense teacher who has no tolerance for disrespect from her students, even if they haven't done anything wrong. This put her on a par with Nate Wright, who had no respect for her. However, she seemed to get along very well with Ellen Wright, and later with Gina Hemphill-Toms and Francis Pope. She has handed out more detentions than the rest of the P.S. 38 teachers combined and has also been seen comparing Ellen and Nate, much to Nate's shame and outrage. However, although she gets along very with, all characters are subject to some attack from Mrs. Godfrey. However, on strip 3/29/19, She surprises the class with a popcorn party instead of a pop quiz. This niceness could have just been because of Nate's Lucky pencil and not her personality change. Another personality change was when Mrs. Godfrey forgot who Nate was. Other than that, she keeps her personality.

Mrs. Godfrey


Mrs. Godfrey has shown to participate in sports, being a good basketball player in Big Nate: Makes the Grade. She may also be an excellent long-distance runner, as she was a member of her high school cross-country team.


  • Her brother-in-law is a chiropractor.
  • Her niece is a 20-year old college student.
  • Her two children are Meghan Godfrey and Katrina Godfrey. Nate once mistakenly referred to Katrina as "Latrina".


  • Mrs. Godfrey likes her classes to sit in a boy-girl-boy-girl pattern.
  • She cannot stand any jelly beans.
  • She once put Nate Wright's life on the line by asking him to stop breathing.
  • Her favorite show is "Star Trek: The Next Generation".
  • Her favorite character in Star Trek: The Next Generation is Lieutenant Worf.
  • She once dressed up as Deanna Troi from Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • Her favorite snack food is Cheez Doodles.
  • She is the only teacher to ever give out detention in Summer Vacation.
  • Once she saved Nate Wright from choking in Big Nate: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
  • She has a pet gerbil named Sherman, who is also her class pet.
  • She has even given her favorite student, Gina Hemphill-Toms two detentions.
  • She is best friends with Ms. Clarke.
  • She has 4 known pets. Bootsy, Genghis, Ollie and Sherman.
  • She was the umpire at Nate Wright's baseball game.
  • Nate Wright once ran into her stomach.
  • In Big Nate On a Roll Nate mentions that when he tried to sell Mrs. Godfrey a magazine for his chess club, she declined it, but asked him to come in for tutoring.
  • Nate makes fun of her with a comic called Mrs. Godzilla.
  • Though Mrs. Godfrey is sometimes truly unfair to Nate, Nate's comics about her are often exaggerated.
  • She once won Teacher Of The Year, making Francis and Nate angry that the kids had no say.
  • She does not really like Nate, mostly because he is a bad student.
  • She once saved Nate from choking on a peppermint that he tried swallowing before a test.
  • She once gave Nate and Teddy detention just for being 5 seconds late.
  • She teaches half of sixth grade and half of eighth grade.