"How can sleep at night knowing that you ruined Wink Summer's life?"
―Nate accusing Chip Cavendish

Chief Meteorologist Chip Cavendish was the weatherman for Channel 12 for a brief period of time, replacing Chief Meteorologist Wink Summers. Chip Cavendish is hated by Nate Wright for taking the job of Wink Summers. He is mentioned in multiple story arcs, but only appears in one.

Story Arcs

Below are the story arcs that Chip Cavendish has appeared in:

Chip Cavendish Visits Mr. Galvin's Class

In this arc, Chip Cavendish visits Mr. Galvin's science class as a special guest. Nate is angry with him the whole time and calls him "the guy who stole Wink Summers' job". Nate also attempts to get Chip to sign a resignation contract, which he doesn't fall for.

This is the only arc in which Chip Cavendish is physically seen.

Other Arcs

Chip is mentioned in a few other arcs. The first of which is the arc where it is announced that he will be taking over Wink's job. Nate is appalled by this. In one arc, Nate goes around his town trying to get people to sign a petition to fire Chip Cavendish and get Wink his job back. He fails to reach his goal of 500 signatures, but tries to hand it in to the TV network anyway, with 20 real signatures and 480 that are all Nate's handwriting. Another arc announces that Chip will be leaving Channel 12 action news and that Wink Summers will get reinstated as Chief Meteorologist. This makes Nate happy.


  • He was only seen in one story arc, mentioned above. However he is mentioned more than that, but not seen.
  • He is the only seen weatherman, while Wink Summers remains unseen.
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