"This is like promising a kid a puppy and then coming home with a Scooby-doo hand puppet."
―Nate Wright describing Cheezy Weezies

Cheezy Weezies is a snack that is severely similar to Cheez Doodles, and might as well be a rip off of them. But in contrast, they are much healthier and better for your body. Nate doesn't like their taste, because he considers them underwhelming. He ate them and had a sick look on his face. Cheezy Weezies are a real snack as well!


  • Nate's dad let Nate Wright have some when Nate was on a diet. He hated the taste. Nate’s dad started saying they’re delicious, they’re, puffy they’re… orange.
  • In real life, Cheezy Weezies are Hot, salty chip shop chips sit on paper. A handful of grated cheese goes on top. These chips are then drizzled with mayonnaise, perhaps tomato sauce, and the paper is wrapped up into a hot steaming parcel.
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