Cheez Doodles are a cheese-flavored cheese puff produced by Wise Foods. They are Nate Wright's favorite food by far, although he hardly gets to eat the snack since his father always buys him very healthy snacks which he and his friends find absolutely disgusting so they never eat snack..


  • Cheez Doodles are found in aisle nine of Wise Foods for $1.39
  • Nate seems to have an addiction to writing poems about Cheez Doodles, which annoys his English teacher, Mrs. Clarke.
  • Nate also has a Cheez Doodle collection, consisting of all sorts of different shaped and sized Cheez Doodles.
  • once Nate's dad tried to get Nate to cut down on Cheez Doodles, he provided an alternative called Cheezy Weezies. Due to the lack of fat in the content, Nate found Cheezy Weezies to be absolutely disgusting and quoted, "This is like promising me a puppy and then coming home with a Scooby-doo hand puppet."
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