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Chad Applewhite (born July 6, 2001) is one of Nate's good friends. Chad is a short, chubby kid with red hair and freckles. Chad is obsessed with eating and food.


References in Big Nate in A Class By Himself:

Nate, Francis and Teddy sit with him during lunch becuase their table was stolen by Chester. Nate accidently calls him Todd.

References in Big Nate Strikes Again:

Chad is on Nate's fleeceball team.

References in Big Nate On a Roll:

In Big Nate On a Roll, Chad is in the Timber Scout group Nate is in.

References in Big Nate Goes For Broke:

In this book, Chad has his biggest role yet. He is a member of the cartooning club like Nate, Francis, Teddy, Artur and Dee Dee. He and the cartooning club figure out ways to beat Jefferson. He breaks his tailbone.


He has an obession with eating and food.

Chad is a common character in the Big Nate series.

In Big Nate: Goes for Broke, he is said to be the smallest kid in school.

In Big Nate:Goes for Broke, he breaks his tailbone after slipping on ice.

He read a book about world records.

He is a member of the cartooning club.

Chad's last name is Applewhite, due to the fact because while Lincoln Peirce was doing information on Nate's baseball team (and Chad is on it), his last name was put on the back of his uniform, so Lincoln Peirce chose Appplewhite because it was old-fashioned like, and innocent, like Chad. This was taken from the Big Nate website.

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