Camp Nate was a very small camp set up by Nate Wright for kids, which first appeared on July 24, 2006


At first, Nate had trouble convincing kids to join, but he eventually recruited Peter Mason. However, that was only because he couldn't get into Robotics Camp.


  • They had a nature walk which had no nature except Spitsy, and Nate told Peter that Spitsy was a coyote.
  • They then had a scavenger hunt which tricked Peter into buying Nate free food.
  • Then, Nate got Peter interested in a crossword puzzle which he quickly finished.
  • After that, they played water sports, which was just Marco Polo in an inflatable pool.
  • Then, they had an imaginary campfire at 10:30 in the morning.
  • They also played "Duck Duck Goose" with only two people.
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