Caitlin is a female student who attends P.S. 38. She has been seen before in an earlier comic talking to Ashley, a member of the Dance Committee. This could mean that she and Ashley are friends.

Physical Appearance

Caitlin wears a headband similar to Jenny Jenkins' headband. Her hair is also identical to some background students at P.S. 38.

Caitlin has freckles around and on her nose.

She is seen not to be particularly slender, but not obese either.


When Nate Wright was working on becoming an art critic, he was working on not criticizing, but saying helpful comments to students artwork. His first subject was Caitlin. Nate thought that Caitlin was drawing a German Shepherd, but Caitlin got upset because she was painting for a self portrait. This made Ken Rosa come for a "teacher intervention."


She was very upset when Nate mistook her self-portrait for a breed of dog.


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