"Greetings, readers! Welcome to a NEW column that will keep you PLUGGED IN to all the latest news at P.S. 38!"
―Nate Wright's description of Bugle Blasts[src]

Bugle Blasts! was a column written by Nate Wright in the school newspaper, the Weekly Bugle.


Nate made the column in Big Nate: Blasts Off after he complained that the Weekly Bugle was boring and not funny, as the jokes and articles were boring. After the captain of the newspaper saw his comic, she asked Nate if he could join. He accepted, but without stories to write.

After Randy got revenge on Nate when he discovered that Nate liked Ruby, he threw his books up in the air, causing him to get into trouble. He got payback by writing the article about him, which later backfired which made Nate have to do peer counselling. That was his only article, as he later resigned the job to become a self directed comic writer.


  • "Romance Report"
  • "Teacher Tidbits"
  • "Guess That Guy"


  • This was his only article, as he later resigned as newspaper editor.
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