Breckenridge Puffington III (nicknamed Bobby by his grandmother and B-Dawg by Nate Wright) is a new student at P.S. 38 as he joined in sixth grade.


In the Honey Hive, a day-care, Breckenridge enjoyed bullying Nate, his classmate. He attended the day-care for a summer.

Breckenridge later joined P.S. 38 starting at sixth grade, and Principal Nichols asked Nate Wright, the same kid he had bullied, to be his buddy and show him around the school. Breckenridge started off somewhat shy, and thought of Nate as his best friend. Nate thinks he remembers something about him, and is later revealed that his grandmother used to call him Bobby.

When Nate and his friends were walking with Breckenridge, he tells Nate that his grandmother used to call him Bobby, and Nate then remembered that Breckenridge was the kid that bullied him in day-care. Initially, Nate was mad at him, but he later forgave him and included him on his team for the P.S. 38 Centennial Scavenger Hunt. Breckenridge helped a lot in the Scavenger Hunt, and during the hunt, he found a priceless painting by famous folk artist Granny Peppers, which lead his team to victory and brought newscasters to the school.


Breckenridge is socially awkward, though he also has a peaceful personality. Nate once said that he is boring to be with and that he is a stiff and a wuss. He also has a passion for botany, and wants to be a botanist when he grows up.


Nate describes him as having the grip of a limp noodle and the impression of someone about to wet their pants. He has light brown hair and is very short. He is always seen wearing circle shaped glasses similar to Francis.


  • Breckenridge is afraid of heights, as he said he wanted to keep his feet "planted" on the ground, a botany joke.
  • He found famous folk artist Granny Peppers’ priceless mural during the P.S. 38 Centennial Scavenger Hunt.


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