"I did not 'beat your score'. I DESTROYED your score."

Bradley is a minor character who appeared in May 2015. He is one of Nate Wright's slight enemies, as he beats Nate. He is seen to be a video game professional (at least in Gas Giant) but his mom, who reveals his name, takes him home after Bradley was playing Gas Giant and almost beating Nate's top score, making Nate slightly mad.


Bradley challenged Nate's video game score on "Gas Giant." Nate did get his high score back, but Bradley started to get the high score again, and was very close to Nate's score with all of his lives remaining. However, he was then dragged off by his mother, who yelled at him to stop wasting his money on arcade games.

"We're going home!... NOW!!!""
―Bradley's mother


He appears to be a short boy with glasses, black curly hair, and a beige shirt with blue jeans.


  • It is unlikely that he will appear again.
  • His nickname is Thor Almighty, or T.A for short.


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