"Stop it, you ruffians!"
―Brad Macklin

Brad Macklin is a student who attends P.S. 38. According to Nate, most boys at PS:38 eat as quickly as they can, so that after, they can spend the rest of the time checking out girls and throwing carrot sticks at Brad Macklin. He was not seen in the rest of the book. But he made an appearance in Big Nate: In The Zone and Big Nate: Lives It Up.

Personality and Traits

"...he's just too much of a wuss wagon to get in trouble."
―Nate Wright

Brad is a wuss, according to Nate Wright. He very rarely gets punished for being who he is, which is a wussy child.


  • Brad Macklin is rated the fifth least likely person to get detention, according to Nate, who once implied that Brad is too wussy to get into trouble.
  • He was in the scavenger hunt on Artur Pashkov's team, "Artur's Army."
  • He is hinted to be a bit Russian in the books
  • He is a wimp.
  • Brad makes several small appearances throughout the comics.
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