This is the Big Nate Wiki timeline. The timeline contains major events that has happened on the wiki, and when administrators joined and earned their titles. Alternatively, you can view the more detailed history of the Big Nate Wiki.


July 29: Whoops6 creates the Big Nate Wiki


October 8: BlackMonkey joins the wiki

October 22: Whoops6 hires BlackMonkey as an administrator.


March 29: Bovina96 joins the wiki

May 17: EpicGusher joins the wiki

July 4: Frag Watermelon joins the wiki

August 4: Whoops6 hires EpicGusher as an administrator.

October 21: Merrystar promotes EpicGusher to Bureaucrat, who then promotes Frag Watermelon to rollback.

November 1: The GOAT named THOMAS and M1870 join the wiki


March 3: WestonLulz joins the wiki

June 19: Solo+pbellUNITE joins the wiki

August 30: EpicGusher promotes WestonLulz to Administrator.

November 22: Humble49 joins the wiki

November 30: AwesomeOrange89 joins the wiki

December 1: WestonLulz promoted Chad012 to Rollback.

December 23: Gojiran103 joins the wiki

December 24: WestonLulz promotes Bovina96 into a chat moderator and rollback


April 27: DOGLOVER129 joins the wiki

September 1: WestonLulz promoted DOGLOVER129 to Administrator and Bureaucrat.


May 6: PatrickCunningham joins the wiki


April 6: NL2022 joins the wiki

April 27: Beethoven4ever joins the wiki

August 24: ElectricSupernova joins the wiki


July 7: Hasan987 joins the wiki

August 27: Comix 'R' Us joins the wiki

October 7: Positive Elixir Trade joins the wiki


January 1: Positive Elixir Trade gets promoted to content moderator by ElectricSupernova

January 14: DarkLight300 joins the wiki

January 27: MemeMachine1.0 joins the wiki

February 24: FudgyGuy joins the wiki

March 11: Positive Elixir Trade creates Wikipossible III.

March 15: TheAmazingCrafter joins the wiki

March 20: HereComeTheTurtles joins the wiki

June 25: Wikipossible III ends - HereComeTheTurtles gets 1st and becomes content moderator, TheAmazingCrafter gets 2nd and becomes chat moderator, and FudgyGuy gets 3rd and becomes discussion moderator


March 2: TheAmazingCrafter creates Wikipossible IV.

March 20: Neptune7Ninja2Comics joins the wiki

May 1: Wikipossible IV ends due to a lack of active participation, but Neptune7Ninja2Comics gets 1st with 189 points and becomes content moderator.

June 13: Bignatebaseball joins the wiki

July 9: ZachOWott joins the wiki

September 14: Goldenglory4life joins the wiki

October 4: KellyTheGachaGirl joins the wiki

October 22: TheAmazingCrafter hires KellyTheGachaGirl as a Discussions Moderator.

October 24: Positive Elixir Trade promoted KellyTheGachaGirl to Content Moderator.

November 8: Positive Elixir Trade promoted KellyTheGachaGirl to Administrator.

November 9: Revelcw joins the wiki

November 29: TheAmazingCrafter creates Demise.

December 2: Revelcw wins Demise and gets Discussions Moderator.

December 27: KellyTheGachaGirl creates Snowball Fight.

December 28: Goldenglory4life gets promoted to discussions moderator.


January 4: Revelcw gets promoted to chat moderator by TheAmazingCrafter by winning the Snowball Fight.

January 6: All 12 year old users and under got their FANDOM account deleted, meaning that the wiki lost FudgyGuy and KellyTheGachaGirl

January 9: Positive Elixir Trade promotes TheAmazingCrafter to Wiki CEO.

January 10: Field Day begins and SpoopyMango gets promoted to rollback by TheAmazingCrafter.

January 16: SunnyPuppo joins the wiki

January 30: Salty Byleth Main joins the wiki

February 1: Field Day ends; Goldenglory4life gets promoted to administrator, SunnyPuppo gets promoted to content mod, Bignatebaseball gets promoted to chat mod, and Neptune7Ninja2Comics gets promoted to discussions mod, all by TheAmazingCrafter

February 4: ItsP-dog joins the wiki

February 6: Salty Byleth Main gets promoted to rollback by TheAmazingCrafter

February 7: ItsP-dog gets promoted to rollback by TheAmazingCrafter

February 10: TheAmazingCrafter, bureaucrat of the wiki, decides to leave due to being too busy in real life. He promotes Goldenglory4life to bureaucrat in his place. His blog.

February 29 (Leap Day!): ZachOWott gets promoted to discussions moderator by Goldenglory4life for winning the Big Nate Wiki:Article Stubs Transformation Competition!

Salty Byleth Main gets promoted to discussions moderator by Goldenglory4life.

March 1: Neptune7Ninja2Comics gets demoted to a regular user due to inactivity by Positive Elixir Trade.

March 7: Salty Byleth Main gets promoted to chat moderator by Goldenglory4life.

March (?): ZachOWott briefly leaves fandom due to drama on the BNCW. Is demoted.

April 1: Salty Byleth Main gets promoted to content moderator by Positive Elixir Trade.

May 29: CommanderStarWars003 joins the wiki.

June 8: ZachOWott gets promoted to discussions moderator by Goldenglory4life.

June 23: CommanderStarWars003 gets promoted to rollback by The Amazing Crafter.

July 3:CommanderStarWars003 gets promoted to content moderator by TheAmazingCrafter.

July 28:TheAmazingCrafter gets terminated for being underage in his area. Hasan987 becomes active and promotes Oritsuki to bureaucrat, Swasimcool to administrator, and ZachOWott to content moderator.

August 28: Oritsuki demotes CommanderStarWars003 to a regular user due to inactivity.

September 1: APalmAndAFist joins the wiki.

October 2: APalmAndAFist gets promoted to content mod.

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  • 🟢 = User is Currently Staff
  • B = User is a Bureaucrat
  • AC = User is an AdminCrat
  • A = User is an Administrator
  • C = User is a Content Moderator
  • D = User is a Discussions Moderator
  • Ch = User is a Chat Moderator
  • R = User is a Rollback
  • (Empty) = User used to be Staff

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