Big Nate Wiki

Note: Not reading these policies is not a valid excuse!

These are the rules of the Big Nate Wiki. Every user must follow them. Upon violation, punishments may vary depending on the severity.


These rules apply to any and all parts of the wiki, including article content, comments, forums, message walls, blogs, the chat room, etc. We always want a positive atmosphere throughout the wiki, and so the following rules are made to help enforce this.

  • No spamming or vandalism
  • No cursing, harassment, racism, sexism, etc.
  • No lying
  • No toxicity
  • No doxing (revealing private or identifying information about someone else)
  • No vulgar content
  • No advertisements for another wiki


  • Only use multiple accounts after notifying an admin.
  • Always make a username that is family-friendly or friendly.
  • If you have a question, please don't hesitate to contact a staff member on their message wall or make it a discussion post or a forum thread.
  • Do not edit another user's page as their profile is personal.
  • You may ask for a custom color on your profile, but only the "Profile" and "Contributions" tabs will be affected.

After being blocked

If an admin decides so, you will be blocked. The length of the block will depend on how severe the violation is and whether you have been blocked before.

If you intend to discuss with an admin for blocking you, but you aren't allowed to edit your own talk page, please do it on Community Central in a civilized manner.

Badge Gaming Guidelines

Badge-gaming (or badge-grinding, or edit farming, or whatever you want to call it) is making unnecessary edits to pages to earn badge points and make your way up the leaderboard. Some examples of badgegaming are:

  1. Adding categories one at a time
  2. Making edits in multiple different edits when you can easily do your edits in one.
  3. Vandalizing wiki pages

Badges are supposed to encourage people to edit on the wiki, but sometimes people get a little greedy and start making unnecessary edits to earn badges.

Badge-gaming is annoying, but luckily, the wiki staff can help warn users about what they are doing. Sometimes, users don't even know they're doing anything wrong. If it goes too far, the wiki staff can block the user. Of course, the best way to help is to not become a badge-gamer yourself.


Due to the extreme political arguments on the Big Nate COMMENTS Wiki, (mostly through the BlackLivesMatter movement), no politics where there are bound to be disagreements, (such as democrat-agendas and republican-agendas), anyone who brings up a political argument will be given a 1-week ban. This is to ensure that the wiki stays a safe, drama-free, family-friendly wiki.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, don't be afraid of contacting the admins and moderators.