Medals are rewards granted to users for completing certain tasks. There is no list of medals you can earn, as they are awarded through either Competitions or User Of The Month.

A Medal's Purpose

Medals can recognize a user for completing whatever they did, such as winning a competition, being user of the month, or becoming part of the staff. It can be a great way for users to see what the user they are looking at has done, without having to look very far into their profile or message wall.

Quick Tips

  • A user's medal collection can be found on their profile, near the achievement track. If it does not show, it means the user has not earned any medals.
  • Medals CANNOT earn you achievement points. There is no exception to this rule.
  • To see how a user has earned their medal, click or drag your mouse to the medal picture and it will show the name of the medal and how they achieved it.

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