This is the manual of style for the Big Nate Wiki. Please do not do any reorganization or cleanup on the wiki unless you are fixing things to follow this guideline.

This page should include the rulings for any editing conflict. If not, you could make a proposal for the addition of a rule on the forum.


1. Articles must be written in an in-universe style and not refer to the reader or viewer when talking about events unless the subject of the article is from out of universe (Big Nate, Lincoln Peirce, etc.). This means that you cannot mention the novel or comic the character appeared in unless you mention it under the "Behind the scenes" section of an article.

2. Do not use an opinionated style of writing, unless you are quoting a character. This includes words such as "amazing", "horrible", etc.

3. This is an encyclopedia. Write and use words to make it sound like an encyclopedia. Try to avoid a passive writing style.

3. Do not fix what is not broken. If a sentence is perfectly fine, you should leave it like that.

4. Do not add last names to the display text of a link. You may use full character names only the first time they are mentioned in an article.

5. Do not list a book title without italicizing the title and using a colon.

6. Use American English spelling and grammar; Big Nate is based in the United States.

7. You may edit an article solely, but if the contents get reverted by an administrator, try not to edit that part anymore, and instead discuss possible issues with them.


1. At the beginning of an article, make the name/subject of the article bold (example: Nate Wright is...). The word "The" or "A" should not be bold unless it is explicitly part of the article name.

2. At the very beginning of an article, add {{Background}} and at the very end of the article, add {{Navigation}}. This is very important that you do this step to make our wiki look cleaner and nicer.

3. Links such as [[Nate|Nate]] and [[Nate|nate]] are pointless. Only links with a different display text and target page such as [[Nate Wright|Nate]] or links including just the target page such as [[Nate Wright]] should be used.

4. When creating a WikiLink, only link it to the article the first time it is mentioned in the article. Instead of "Nate went to Francis' house and Francis pranked Nate", say "Nate went to Francis' house and Francis pranked Nate."

5. Do not add the "Stub" template to articles over 300 bytes, as those are not considered as stubs.

Article structure


  • An infobox with all known information.
  • The lead paragraph stating most basic information.
  • ==Biography== A character biography; only include if there is too much information to fit in the lead paragraph.
  • ==Description==
    • ===Physical description=== Paragraph(s) about physical features such as hair, skin, clothes etc.
    • ===Personality and traits=== Paragraph(s) about personality traits
  • ==Behind the scenes== This is the only section in which you may write in an out-of-universe style (if the character is unseen, etc.).
    • ===Appearances=== List of novels and comic strip dates the character appeared in using bullet points. If character appeared in more than 5 novels and/or more than 15 comic strips, do not include.

Comic strips

Will be added soon


Do not add categories to articles that are not listed below.

Please make sure that you follow the specific capitalization when adding categories. (Adding "Main Characters" as "Main characters" won't help.) Also, do not include the parts in parenthesis.


  • Individuals
    • Males
      • Men
      • Boys
    • Females
      • Women
      • Girls
  • Main Characters • Major Characters • Frequent Characters • Occasional Characters • Minor Characters • Characters out of Universe
  • Timber Scouts
  • P.S. 38 students • P.S. 38 staff
  • Jefferson students • Coolidge students • St. Pat's students • Jefferson staff
  • Wright family • Ortiz family • Pope family • Godfrey family • Applewhite family


  • Objects • One time objects
  • One-time events
  • Card Games
  • Schools
  • Locations
  • Games
  • Sports teams
  • Teams
  • Places
  • Foods
  • References
  • Snacks
  • Clubs
  • Novels
  • Poems
  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Writing
  • Music
  • Big Nate Products
  • Products
  • Organizations • Programs • Systems
  • Comics • Comic Characters (NOT used for any character drawn in Big Nate, but rather characters that appear in comics in Big Nate, such as Femme and Doctor Cesspool)
  • Programs
  • Imagination
  • Ideas
  • Art
  • News
  • Collections
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  • Television Shows
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  • Utilities
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  • Media
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  • Features

Comic strips

  • Comic Strips
    • 1991 Comic Strips
      • January, 1991 Comic Strips
      • February, 1991 Comic Strips
    • 1997 Comic Strips
      • January, 1997 Comic Strips
      • February, 1997 Comic Strips
      • December 1997 comic strips
    • 1998 Comic Strips
      • June, 1998 Comic Strips
    • 2000 Comic Strips
      • May, 2000 Comic Strips
    • 2005 comic strips
      • April 2005 comic strips
    • 2007 Comic Strips
      • March 2007 comic strips
    • 2009 comic strips
      • November 2009 comic strips
    • 2013 Comic Strips
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    • 2015 Comic Strips
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