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Big Nate Blasts Off features spoilers for a book, so if you have not read this book, do not read this article
if you don't want it to be spoiled.

Big Nate: Blasts Off is the eighth and final book in the Big Nate book series. released on February 16, 2016. (The author claimed in the future he might make a few more, but this is very unlikely.)


This Big Nate novel is about Nate Wright preparing for another Jefferson showdown in an annual ultimate Frisbee game known as the "Mud Bowl." Meanwhile, Nate has to try to make peace with Randy Betancourt, cope with the possibility of moving, and try to impress a new girl named Ruby Dinsmore, who Nate and Randy both like. In the end, P.S. 38 beats Jefferson in the 38th Mud Bowl and Nate doesn't end up moving. Nate also appears to begin to date Ruby.



  • Either Randy is too tall on page 73 or too short on page 75 since on page 73 the Book Nook poster goes up to his neck but on page 75 it goes up to his hair.
  • When Randy ruins Nate’s backpack on page 76, the Book Nook poster is nowhere to be seen.