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Big Nate: Makes the Grade is the 8th comic collection book and is preceded by Big Nate: Great Minds Think Alike and is followed by Big Nate: All Work and No Play.


"Nate Wright is known to his pals and teachers for many things, his penchant for mischief, and his school record for detentions being the foremost. But beating out Gina's grades is not one of those things! In Big Nate Makes the Grade, the school goings-on of Nate, his pals, and his long-suffering teachers are recounted in hilarious detail." -Amazon


At P.S. 38 sixth-grader Nate Wright is known for many things: his knack for making mischief, his overstuffed locker that is half garbage dump, half treasure trove; and, of course, his unbreakable school record for detentions. Nate may be a chess phenom, but in the classroom, he is not so masterful-especially compared to Gina, the grade-grubbing brainiac who gives teacher's pets everywhere a bad name. In Big Nate Makes the Grade, follow the hilarious adventures of Nate, his pals, and his long-suffering teachers from the first day of school to the start of summer vacation.

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